BI Marketplace

Delivering a Choice of Market-leading Business Intelligence Solutions

Today’s business intelligence space is complex, and no single solution solves every firm’s needs. The Thomson Reuters Elite Business Intelligence (BI) Marketplace provides a one-stop shop where you can find the best fit for your specific business intelligence requirements. A solution ecosystem, the BI Marketplace gives you the option of choosing from a select group of partners—all with deep experience in the functions your firm needs and with different price points and capabilities.

Available to 3E and Enterprise clients and clients upgrading from Enterprise or moving from competitor solutions, the BI Marketplace is comprised of partners with solutions that integrate with existing Elite solutions, creating a connectivity that ensures streamlined quotes, billing, and services. The BI Marketplace offers you products which provide full financial data warehousing functionality; out-of-the-box analytics; and revenue, expense, and profitability capabilities.

Pick the Product that Fits Your Needs

BI Marketplace partners provide solutions that have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they offer the best capabilities in the industry, allowing us to provide you with an exceptional client experience. Our BI Marketplace partners are:

Decision Pace – A virtual tool provider that fills in business information gaps and complements and extends existing BI investments.
DW Reporting – A legal-specific financial reporting and BI solution provider.
Iridium Technology – A complete BI and profitability solution designed and built specifically for law firms.

In the BI Marketplace, Elite clients can improve the business intelligence capabilities of their practice while reducing the need to look elsewhere for the functionality they need.

Connect and Engage

To make an initial contact for the BI Marketplace call +1 800-977-6529.

For more information, see the BI Marketplace Information Sheet


Note: Thomson Reuters Elite reserves the right to change the terms of the Partner Program without notice.